Length of working hours

Strategic Management and hr regards working hours as being dependent upon the type of enterprise and what the owner’s or policy maker’s ideas for success.

Every policy maker’s or owner’s goal should be to get all employees to love their work or job. Some enterprises are operated 24 hours a day such as: assisted living, hospitals, manufacturing, production, etc. The enterprise structure above depicts shifts for employment through out the day and empoyees job discripions are very important.

The strategic management ideas about working hours that are more traditional in that the length of working hours that approximate 9:00 am to 5:00 pm five days a week with the week ends off is the ideal. These businesses are mostly white collar or services oriented enterprise type organizations such as: government offices, retail, law offices, it companies, insurance companies, etc.

Also there are enterprise organizations whose structures are adaptive or hybrid. These adaptive enterprises are more dependent upon customer demand and when the job can be the most successfully operated. For instance a geologist, air plane pilot, stewardess, entertainers are examples of the normal adaptive type of worker.

Contemporary enterprises such as assisted living and hospitals are very similar to chain linked organizations that are popularly called assembly lines that produce many automobiles. These type enterprise structures employment hours are 8 hour shifts through out the day on a 24 hour basis from a strategic management perspective.

If the enterprise is a clinic for the physically disabled the following structure will best be employed for working:

Length of Hours; Company and its decision makers shall define length of hours based upon whether the employees are essential employees or regular employees because essential employees provide service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. All hourly employees must check in and out on the time clock or time sheet each day worked or they will not be paid for that day. Hourly employees are to check in no later than five minutes before the start of their shift.

Employees are not to check out more than five minutes after; quitting time without the approval of the supervisor. Employees who are late will report immediately to their supervisor. Any worker who falsely checks in or out of the time clock for another employee is subject to immediate termination of employment. Errors in time cords or time sheets must be corrected, by supervisor along with working.

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