Poem About Wigs and African American Hair

Details of females hair and wigs in the USA and around has been historically European. Some seem to think that it’s more the women than the men, but pretty boys’ soy to the top as a result of their good European hair as it is called.

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Some ethnic groups sore at the door when they are made to think their own hair is as real as realestate. Ones consciousness is in the red when it is taken to the bed. When Black Americans can move a head without said tough talk between females and male there is no progress. Fake hair like is baking a cake that takes African Americans in wrong directions towards the starting gate. When can people be real with out being surreal? James Brown’s song “I am Black and I am proud” is way in the clouds when speaking aloud about pretences. Marcus Garvey advocated that we must take care of your own which is dated in the thrown.

Who got good hair of the hood was the dress of entire generations with satire through out the world with fake hair. It took the black power movement so it seems to sack at the headlines all infinity to self hate. Stokeley Carmichael who wrote a book that took the lead against Dr. Martin Luther King’s nonviolent rings with social injustice.

The blame you would understand can hit the ball out of the grandstand. Men dress and groom for themselves or their ladies in the room. When their mates are only about the dates then the gates about the mind hesitates. When their mates are about being great then the gate is wide open for success and progress.

It matters more about the deal and not the feel. The deal can be better realestate for great meals for mind thought. When African Americans wore bushes as their hair dos their hair became their mental tools. It sort made and graded them as one and you did not have dark skin virs light skin. The hair was a bush and it did not matter whether it was kinky or stinky because it was a bush. Many police that profile Blacks have different tactics because of the hair going upstairs.

Any ethnic group among themselves must be able to call a spade a made for wading in the water. The hair do in the fifties and sixties became not bad for comrades. Just like the song wading in the water was said to be used for brave slaves running away from slavery. It gave signals that tear the scare out of running for freedom. Wading in the water. Wade in the water children. Wade in the water. Gods gonna trouble the water.

Fake hair can take great people and make them less than great because they don’t make the real stuff in the ruff. Some people make their own wigs with dog hair at log against the majority. So they cost much cheaper without any leapers. Hair for the large in the garage part detail is mostly human but the poor can not afford them at the store. Do not rot and not see the direction or insurrections of how to build or field with dog hair.

How do we grow and not be petty and be ready for liberation. We got to go back and rack up the basics that James Brown lyrics inflamed about being “I am Black and I am Proud.” Instead of being fed much unreal and phony stuff with out the pony express any ethnic group can achieve greatness. Just like enforcement of demands that bands people hood together in high esteem we the people will surround the steeple of life.

Our ancestors and leaders who fell on the sword and were not for sale are truly great. Those many people pushed African Americans ahead. Even Marcus Garvey advocated for all Black people said.

“How to Make Fake with With Dog Hair

By Laila Alvarez, eHow Contributor

The fur from either of these Golden Retrievers would make a good wig.

Natural human-hair can be extremely expensive. Other fake hair, such as from horse-hair and plastic wigs, are made with items that not easily accessible. According to the Humane Society of the United States, people in this country own approximately 74.8 million dogs. Anyone who has one knows they shed and, usually, that hair ends up in the trash. However, dog hair can actually be recycled to make fashionable wigs for a Halloween costume or for everyday wear. The steps listed will make a yarn-look good for any Halloween costume. Does this Spark an idea?

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Things You'll Need

  • Dog fur
  • Pillowcase
  • Slicker Brush

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Instructions 1. Preparing

o 1

Acquire the Fur:
There are two ways of getting fur from a dog: brushing or shaving. Brushing your dog every day is a way to get fur gradually. Clean the brush out into a pillowcase and tie up the pillowcase. Keep that in a clean, dry place until you have enough fur to make your wig.

Shaving a dog is a faster way of getting enough fur to make a wig. If you've never shaved a dog before, ask your vet for techniques or simply take the dog to a professional for grooming. Again, bring a pillowcase and store the fur inside in a dry, clean place until you have enough fur to make a wig.

The amount of fur you'll need depends on what type of wig you want. A long, witch-costume wig will need more fur than a short 20's Flapper costume wig.

o 2

Washing the Fur:
If you're using the brushing method of acquiring fur, you'll have to wait until you have enough fur before you wash it. When you do, wash the fur with soap and water (preferably with shampoo made for dogs), and spread it out onto a towel until all of the fur is dry. This may take a couple of days.

If you're using the shaving method of acquiring fur, washing may be easier. Simply give your dog a good, thorough bath before shaving. This step may be bypassed if you take your dog to a groomer to get shaved. Have the groomer wash the dog beforehand and dry the dog also, so the fur is nice and clean. All you'll have to do is put it into your pillowcase for storage.

If making the yarn is too difficult for you, and you'd rather take the fur to a craft store and have them spin the yarn for you, you will not have to worry about washing the fur. Most craft stores will wash the fur for you with special shampoo containing enzymes. This will help get rid of any "wet dog" smell now and in the future.

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o 3

Ready to Spin: (skip this step if you choose to use a professional spinner to spin your yarn for you)

Before spinning your yarn, you'll need to get the dog fur ready. First, separate the fur from the clumps that you'll likely have in your pillowcase by holding tips of a handful of fur and brushing it with a slicker brush. This will disentangle the fur.

o 4

Spinning: (skip this step if you choose to use a professional spinner to spin your yarn for you)

If you own and know how to operate a spinning wheel, use that with the fur you've collected to spin your dog fur into yarn of desirable length.

If you'd prefer to use a drop spindle, please refer to these detailed instructions on how to spin yarn on a drop spindle:


o 5

Wig Base:

The best option for your wig's base is a knit beanie. However, feel free to use a tight fish-net stocking (single leg stalking with elastic at the top) by fitting the elastic around your head and cutting a few inches above your crown. Tie the top into a tight knot and make sure there isn't too much room between the knot and your head.

If this wig is going to be used only once or twice, another base option is a shower cap. This is a simpler option, but will not last as long.

It is best to get a base similar in color to your fur. If you're using black yarn, you'll want a black beanie, for example.

2. Making Your Wig

o 6

Cutting Yarn:

Once you've got your yarn together and have chosen your wig, you're ready to put the two together. Cut the yarn into pieces of double the desired length. This does not need to be exact, as you can give your wig a hair cut later.

o 7

Putting the Hair On the Base:

Take a piece of yarn and, with a crochet hook or paper clip, push it through one hole of the knit beanie. Pull it out of another next to it and pull until the ends are the same length. If one piece of yarn is too thin, feel free to use two pieces of yarn together in the same process.

Repeat this step until the entire beanie or shower cap is covered.

o 8

Alternative Process:

If you are using a shower cap instead of a beanie or fishnet stocking, you have a quicker alternative. Take the piece of yarn double the desired length and fold it in half. Either hot glue or super glue the fold to the shower cap. This will take a little less time, but may not last as long. Wait for the glue to completely dry before trying it on.

o 9

Cutting the Hair:

Feel free to cut the hair like you would with any hair cut. Give your wig bangs, a bob, etc., but remember that it won't grow back.

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