Union Free with the right Strategic Management background

I have no particular bias about being union free because my perspective has been influenced on both sides of this issue.

I organized in the behalf of the union when employed as a Professor and when I was employed as the Director of Human Resources I was instructed by the principals of the company to act in their behalf in maintaining the company to be union free. Our attempts in achieving a union free company was rationalize with the ideal language to be successful based upon collective agreement, work and family.

The language and culture of our communications with employees should be presented in a manner of preference to deal with people directly rather that through any go between. We communicated to our employees that our company as presented to any new employee and part of our success is attributed to our way of operating with love as a hr practice and to avoid any strike or worker break down. You should be intimate like a family to all employees and that does not mean that from tome to time there will not be any problems.

The language we must use along with our strategy is to convince the workers that we sincerely care about them with love. However, we also argue that our problems and difficulties have been able to be worked out as a result of strategic management background. Our strong suggestions is that we have always been able to work our differences among ourselves without the intervention of any third party who are outsiders.

No organization is free from day to day problems, but our argument to our employees is that we believe that we have policies, the practices and the management personnel to help resolve problems rather than fight with each other as often happens in third party organizations. Third party organizations have never gotten anyone his job; neither have they caused anybody to keep his job. We strongly insist Only all of us working together with the same strategy can we make the working environment viable, healthy organization. We also insist that we succeed through working together and being problem free.

We encourage our employees as their mission to take all complaints to their supervisors. We in turn with the contract of love promise to each employee to listen and give the best possible quid pro quo that we can.

It is imperative that our conditions of work, pay and benefits compare favorable with our Union Competitors and if these conditions begin to diminish in any way along with strategic management, we encourage our employee to shop around. How ever it is difficult to organize against unions in big cities such new york where the unions are credited with achieving big dollar items like health insurance for their members,

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