Training Program

Orientation directed by the training program is very important to have a good strategic management goals.

All employees will receive orientation and guidance covering hr policies, procedures, employee benefits, and conditions of employment just like any education program. Also transportation is essential to any education and training program. The components of strategic planning in many instances evolves around curriculum and planning for holidays as well as emergency days off.

Allow me to interject my personal experiences and style of strategic management in the above for better understanding. While I was the Director of Human Resources for a particular company it was my duty to be the motivator and develop the following strategy on values, ethics and the following through our training program:

As most trainers would in my circumstances, I guided new employees to be oriented towards their health benefits such as: co-pays for primary care, specialist care, medical emergency, inpatient hospitalization, out-patient surgery, diagnostic lab test, physical therapy, maternity care, initial allergy, eye refraction, well child care, routine physical exam, home health care, skilled nursing facility, mental health care, substance abuse care, private duty nursing, chiropractor services, durable medical equipment, and prescriptions drugs

As the trainer I assured that Exit Interviews were provided to ascertain reason for leaving and to provide training for the continuation of their health insurance if they so desired (COBRA). All the information about their continued coverage was provided. All information was provided, if they were qualified for unemployment insurance. Also if they qualified for worker’s compensation because of a injury, the subsequent information was provided.

Requested Leave of Absence under the the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 shall be based upon the following employee having been employed for at least 1,250 hours in the preceding (12) months, with a leave of absence up to twelve (12) weeks without pay, under the following circumstances:

A. The birth or adoption of a child, placement of a child with the employee for foster care.
B. To care for a parent, spouse or child with a serious health condition.
C. For the employee’s serious illness, injury or disability.
D. For education or professional growth

I supervised all employees so that the understood the Problem Solving Procedure which was the following:
Step 1: Within three days after the event occurred, the employee shall first discuss the problem with the appropriate supervisor.

Step 2: If that conference does not produce a mutual satisfaction then it is discussed with a higher authority.

Step 3: If that conference does not produce a mutual satisfaction then is discussed the with the human resources department.

Step 4: If that conference does not produce a mutual satisfaction then it is discussed with the President who have final say.

Orientation and the training program is consistent with any official who relies on their strategic management because they are the elements of being a good teacher.

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