Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods like Michael Jackson became confused about his values and I don’t doubt that his parents did an excellent job in raising him.

He at one time and maybe again at some time in the future is probably the world’s best golfer even though most golfing fans see him second to Jack Nicklaus and ahead of Sam Snead. The world remembers when he with his father at his side was introduced to professional golf August 1996. His father and Mother made some strategic decision in his son’s youth that made him famous today similar to the decisions that Serena Williams and Michael Jackson’s parents made. I think that Worlds greatest golfer current problems with his golf game have more to do more with his psychological well being.

The US Constitution require that the President of the United States be a citizen that is natural born citizen in the United States, which means that both of his parents are US citizens at the time of birth and he was born on US soil. The reasoning or the intent of the framers of the constitution is to prevent the Chief Political Leader from becoming beholding to issues and interest outside of the borders of the United States such as a “.foreign aristocrats would immigrate to the new nation and use their wealth and influence to impose a monarchy on the new nation.”

Many of our business leaders, entertainers and athletes are becoming beholding to interest and values that are outside of the borders of the United States and this is probably true of other country’s citizens. The behavior of certain world travelers should not be judged because they develop habits outside of the United States and try to conceal them while at home.

Tiger Woods probably has won every golfing accolade that exists and he has made more money in golf than any of his present and past competitors. His father was at his side helping him to improve upon his amateur golf game starting at the age of 2. When you read up on Tiger Woods you will understand that he earned his success. The brilliant strategic management of the son’s father and mother, Earl and Kultida Woods, which is identical to the success of Michael Jackson and Serena Williams families. All of their success were home made.

My speculation is that one of the world’s greatest golfers could avoid being controlled because there are countervailing laws and values when traveling internationally. Even tough he said he has failed his Buddhist faith with the infidelity but violation of religious values in the US is different than violations in another country like Viet Nam, etc.

The phenomenon of the world’s citizenry is interesting. During the peak of Tiger Woods infidelity controversy, his lawyers took one of his companions which was outside of the United States to court to prevent her from releasing nude pictures of his body.

Tiger Woods has not changed in terms of his abilities to win, he just has to find a way to return to his former mental state. My guess is that he needs to have many private discussions with people he can trust. He needs to go through a process of self diagnosis with professionals and close family and friends that don’t expect to be paid. Unlike individuals in physical and brutal professions who need to acquire the eye of the tiger, however a golfer needs to acquire the psychic of a surgeon with steady and calm hands.

I suggest that all of his fans write a 500 word essay and post it on my web site. The purpose of the essay is to recommend to Tiger Woods what he needs to do to improve upon his golf game.

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