Strategic Thinking about Age Discriminations

The CEO's strategic thinking concerning human resource concepts about the age and affirmative action plans are just as important with regards to new technologies such as computers, face-book and cell phones.

Don't forget racism begins with thinking. These concepts are very appropriate in beginning with affirmative action plan from girls to retiring females and the same for males. Our society has tolerated a very high level of hard and soft bigotry because of timeliness and beliefs about the retiring communities in their various occupations. If you meet with a head hunter or career builder and you are over 50, the person's strategic thinking will advise you of your of your difficulty achieving success in any employment office regardless of whether you are qualified because of public and private biases.

However because of the sub-prime crash and the financial crisis a large percentage of the consumers and citizens that need special assistance are the senior communities because of discrimination. I am surprised based upon my subjective observations, the magnitude of discrimination that is occurring. It seems to me that certain responsible agencies should conduct a broad study to determine the magnitude of bias in public and private policy along with a respective course of action to correct its manifestation. Politicians like President Barak Obama and and Republican leaders like Sarah Palin should investigate this problem and condemn its strategic thinking.

These concepts below if implemented in the correct manner will make many of the private and public enterprises more effective from a strategic management perspective. Also don't forget my central premise is that all businesses and even government agencies are human resource companies. Very Similarly, employee enterprises are being regulated at a diminishing rate concerning public and private bias.

The Human Resource Policies below, which can be used in a employee handbook, will further explain how to make public and private organizations more affective and efficient if they they institute policies such as:

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