Strategic Management and HR

Strategic Management goals is a absolute parameter in regards to HR with all all businesses and even government agencies which include social, financial and technological variables.

Also the same policy should be applied to any similarity of all business minded people and other operationally minded strategists regardless whether their enterprises are for profit or not should have managers that think with consistent about soft and hard strategic management ideas about employees. Strategic- management is at the core of all operations, even in one person operations that are built with love. Non-profits or government employees and managers can love their organizational environments also and in order to be successful they must approach problems with a background in management, personnel along with the economy in mind.

However an extremely large amount of opm type experiences which take place through out all kinds of companies and enterprises are viewed through the individual worker or employees. If the enterprise’s operational commitment to such goals and policies are not in accord with certain regulations, the principles or owners of the business could be liable and subject to government fines. Many managers are the implementers or advocates of such values and regulations in public like President Barek Obama administration and private CEOs like Warren Buffet's enterprises.

The concepts below can be used as a basis towards formulating rules, regulations, procedures, policy for good organizational backgrounds. It is imperative for businessmen, nonprofits and even government to have these concepts in mind when starting or administering, an enterprise as a career builder when formulating strategy.

Also it is imperative for employees to understand the enterprise’s commitment to such rules, regulations and organizational politics prior to and during employment.

The concepts or human resource policies that can be used in personnel manuals or employee handbooks are based upon the operations of any company and especially one man operations or family owned operations that are built with love such in the pages of the following web site as:

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