Sick Leave

Norway has full wage replacement for all workers who take sick leave.

We have in the United States are far from having similar policies. There are only two cities that mandate sick leave and they are San Francisco and Washington D.C. Workers who don’t have any similar leave policy to take advantage of are subject to the risk of being financially insolvent because of illness and injury that may not be of their responsibility. Some of the illnesses that individuals endure is the result of them being exposed to bacteria in the work place which caused the illness.

Also it is necessary to motivate workers with certain type of benefits in order to encourage them to work for certain companies and agencies. Many companies and agencies loose workers early in their employment when they don’t have certain type of benefits and this is one that is a strong motivator.

The following is how the policy on sick leave should be formulated:

Sick leave is an authorized absence from work with pay in the event that the employee must take time off from work due to illness or accident which is non-work related for him/herself or an immediated member of the family. Sick leave may also be used for an employee’s dental, medical or optical appointments and treatment plans. An employee may not use sick leave to take a family member to medical appointments. New full-time employees earn sick leave at the same rate as other employees, but may not use the leave until their probationary period has concluded.

After ninety (90) days of employment, employees are eligible to use their accrued hours of sick time per month. Sick leave is either a privilege or an item negotiated in a union contract. The accumulation is another policy issue that should be decided in terms of how much of it can be carried from year to year,

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