Sad As We See To Be

When life is sad and bad, how do we motivate with out a tad of work or no work which can jerk us around like a clerk.  Your cell is like a continuous bell that’s keeping many connected with out being insurrected.  Our face on facebook is at grace when we are happy and clapped but when we are unhappy we will be laced on the face.  Our feel towards any realestate is for it to be a steal.  School is a tool for achievers and it is a mule if you don't know how to follow the rules.

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The test begins when one is mad and sad and the desire is to overcome moment to moment chest to chest challenges.  Mom and Dad push their children into achievements without any fads. They are constantly eradicating any storms that may harm the farm.  The zeal of the family is for the children and family to stay calm and not be alarm with out substituting dope for hope which will make the whole family sad.

Promise of jobs sobs the mobs of unemployed.  The unemployed and under employed are being robbed of a future without being able to care for themselves and family.  The number one sale for teenagers coming out of school is the cellphone.  The automobile driving permit use to sit as the goal of many at the age of sixteen and it was their temperament.  The economy has changed the dynamics of matrimony when can couples get married or carried.  Even though many hurried towards same sex marriage but many local municipalities report and support mainly because of revenues on the avenues just like greedy owners of big businesses. 

Every one that subscribe to Facebook are in place to be happy mainly because of contacts that race with pictures and comments about the good or bad that traces our grace on the face.  Many seek approval to see how many like there case.

Houses for sale is no tale or trail for the few that rule there house.  Washington D.C. realestate is hotter than pots on fire.  The few that are skewed because there is no money and it is not funny.  Michael Jackson's bad doesn’t make you mad but no money is not only real life bad and it is also sad.  When we can't get jobs it is like being robbed.  How do the mobbed eat its corn on the cob when there is no money?  Even the employment that worker receive enjoyment is only for clerks who get paid little money which is sad. 

We must not forget all bets begin with self and our good health.  Our education of what we want to do becomes voodoo if we don't include self.  Our desire to self educate is the essence of our enthusiasm to achieve educational accolades and degrees.  Once we acquire the knowledge to teach ourselves it becomes a piece of cake to be educated for the sake of a broader academic program.