Strategic Management background make it easy when implementing rules and regulations

Rules and regulations are accepted as a parameter to police when the person that is implementing them is perceived as being legal, attorney, experienced,competent and fair.

Strategic Management along with hr-and-rules and regulations with love is a requisite when implementing the following rules as a hr Official:

1. The unauthorized consumption, possession, sole or transfer of alcohol during working hours, or at any time while on the premises or in company vehicles, is prohibited
2. The use, sale, attempted sale, manufacture, purchase, attempted purchase, possession or transfer of an illegal drug, while either on or off duty, is prohibited.
3. The sale, purchase, use or possession of equipment, products or paraphernalia, which are used, intended for use, or designed for use with illegal drugs, while either on or off duty is prohibited.
4. Reporting to and being at work, or at any time beingon premises or in vehicles, with a measurable quantity of alcohol or illegal drugs in the body is prohibited.
5. Violations of any criminal drug statute resulting in conviction is prohibited.
6. Reporting to or being at work with a measurable quantity of prescribed or over the counter drugs in the body, or use of prescribed or over the counter drugs, where in the judgment such use prevents the employee from performing the duties of his or her job or pose a risk to the safety of the employee, other persons or property, is prohibited. Any employee taking a prescribed or over the counter drug must advise his or her supervisor of its use and provide a physician’s statement if required under the Medical Treatment section below. (Company name) determine whether the employee may remain on his or her work assignment.

All manager should be required to include the above in their strategic management profiles of what to do when observing any possible violation of any rules and regulations.

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