I am finding the female artist and soloist Rihanna to be very fascinating. The theme of many of her music is sex and violence.

She began singing in her home town of Saint Michaels, Barbados and her legal name is Robyn Fenty and she derived her stage name from her middle name. The beginning strategic management of her career is homemade in that her Mother played a major role in encouraging her development. Her father became addicted to substance abuse type problems. She was a star throughout high School and other amateur events. She became better known as a result of the domestic violence she experience with Chris Brown. Rihanna singing and business partnership is with Jay V who is the CEO of Def Jam Recordings. She is also controversial because of gossip about her religious beliefs. Once she is able to transcend from her ethnic fan base to the broader population she will become much larger demand than her current fan base.

It appears that even though her music has flavor and beat but the presentation does not transcend her ethnic past and probably because of that she is in demand from the at large population throughout the world. Also her music is an attempt to challenge the traditional such as having a man being shot in the head on one of her albums. She is getting all the necessary accolades such as four Grammy Awards, four American Music Awards, eighteen Billboard Awards and she was just named Esquire’s sexiest woman alive and she has sold over 20 million albums and 60 million singles which rank her with the best. She is not forgetting where she came from because she was appointed the official Ambassador of youth and culture for Barbados.

It was Rihanna mother in the early days of her career that traveled with her to the United States to make her necessary contacts in order to be successful, but her Father’s addiction to crack cocaine, alcohol and marijuana had an influence on her life but she remained close to her Father even after her parents divorce while she was 14 years of age. She is the senior of two brothers, but she has two half sisters and a half brother who were children from a different Mother.

She began singing at the age of 7. She did not graduate from High School because she chose a musical career and essentially she became very successful with out education. Her primary and secondary education was her attendance at Charles F. Broome Memorial School and the Combermere School in Barbados. She formed a musical trio while she was in attendance in school with two of her peers.

Rihanna’s scheduled appearance on the Grammy was cancelled because of a domestic altercation between her and Chris Brown, another artist that she was dating. The nature of the arrest became public due to the leaked photographs of the altercation or domestic vionence that became evidence in the legal proceedings against Chris Brown. He pleaded guilty to the charges of assault and making criminal threats where he was put on probation for five years. Even though it was not a publicity stunt, she could not have paid enough money for a better one.

I think that she will become even bigger in terms of amount of records sold if she is able to maintain her base of support and sell more records to other audiences.

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