Your individual goal of self survival should make you comprehensible of any requirement.
Some possible formal rules are as assertive as laws for employment. Also many HR Offices will mandate that certain fees are to be collected by the office. Many of the parameter that follows have certain details that are ascertained such as finger prints for security, certain number of references and whether they are former supervisors or associates, staff must accompany all applicants for urine test. Most of these parameters or rules in Human Resource Offices are mandatory just like the military it is not negotiable. The following is the character of such rules:

1. Police Clearance
2. Employment References
3. Information required under the Immigration Reform and
Control Act of 1986
4. Substance Abuse Testing
5. Abuse Registry Background Check

Please find the following narrative to be included in the personnel files if the agency act or business preferences to avoid the cost of medical examinations as a strategic management point of reference:Employment Medical Examination will not conduct any pre-employment medical inquiries or examinations as part of the application process. However, offers of employment will be contingent upon submission of a satisfactory medical statement. Before starting, each staff member shall submit a medical statement from a licensed physician or physician or an authorized health professional under the supervision of a physician to the Department of Human Resources Services. The statement must be submitted at the time of initial hiring and annually thereafter as required by statues regulatory agencies. The medical statement or order shall be mandatory to be in written form, which the form being obtained from the Human Resources Office.

Certain rules are strongly expected, if the prospective answer is no then hr's designed response is negative. Even if it is not clear then in most cases informally the decision maker will attempt to find another way to create a barrier to the applicants access. Study all organizations because in many instances the decision maker is highly biased towards the outcomes.

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