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If you are planning on buying real estate and your strategic management plan requires you to purchase properties regardless whether it is for owner occupancy or non-owner occupancy it will be risky.

If you decide to sit and not make a decision to purchase you are making a choice between owning or renting but there is a probability that you may be missing one of this country’s great buying opportunities because of market imbalances. There are programs that allow Buyer to purchase with out any down payment money and pay sellers money if your house is under water.

Another element of the market imbalances is the increasing foreclosures which is a by product of the extremely rate of defaults in various mortgage loan programs. These market manifestations have created market imbalances that are contributing towards the diminishing of property values and prices. Especially what is alarming is the higher proportionately defaults among the affluent property values in real estate.

The instrumental problem of measuring the market imbalances regarding residential properties currently is directly related to supply and demand. The point where supply and demand intersects is where we can negotiate a price to purchase. Some demand imbalances and diminishing financial program changes of the market place have created instabilities in the market place. Apart of the instabilities is related to the market place being a buyer’s market which means that there are more properties in the market place than buyers; a good Realtor should be able to identify properties that provide opportunities to negotiate offer prices successfully below the apprised value in today’s market place. It is my estimate that such negotiations can be easily be done during 2010, but also prior to 2013 it is my prediction that buyers should hire real estate planners that will enhance discussions and actions to purchase owner occupancy and non owner occupancy properties.

Also a good Realtor should have the skill to estimate an accurate appraisal. Most Realtors use a comparative market analysis in estimating market value which is good during average markets. During average markets the appraise value and negotiated price are very similar. We are not presently in an average market; we have an extreme buyers market which is caused by the real-estate bubble busting and sub-prime lending practices diminishing the amount loan programs for buyers who are qualified or not qualified to receive approval for loans for various reasons.

I am recommending that you beat the crowd by planning to purchase ASP. It is my estimate that some time after 2013 real- estate prices will return to normal.

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