Real Estate Scams

Across the country we are experiencing a very large number of real estate scams, foreclosures and currently it is mostly because of the high unemployment.

I think that the direction of the housing crisis shall begin to change once the employment problem begins to change. I think that the out come of of political elections changes the nature of the economy. When I say out come, it is unimportant who wins because the direction of the economy is more related upon getting beyond the emotional climax in our political economy and then Corporate America will know how to rationally plan based upon its mission and strategic management background.

However in the mean time it is imperative that we be careful during this idle time and not make any unproductive decisions and avoid mortgage scams. We should seek the advice of police and attorneys if some one approach with ideas that sound too good to be true. All home owners must be careful and wise about their decisions regarding mortgages if in foreclosure. There are some parties who are preying upon distressed individuals and you should be careful. Some Real Estate scams or Scams regarding foreclosures are such as:

Bogus adviser

If you are advised by some one who offer to intervene with the mortgage company in your behalf for a fee with the promise to stop your foreclosure and renegotiate your loan. The Scammer pockets your money and never contacts your mortgage company.

Transfer of title to a third party

The home owner transfer ownership to a third party based upon a promised of the possibility of buying back property at a subsequent date but the third party take the profit and skip town.

Collecting up from fees for government modification programs when there are not any up front fees required for government programs.

Be careful regarding bankruptcy because in most cases it is not a permanent solution when there is a mortgage involved.

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