Legislative Issues and Real-Estate in Prince Georges County Maryland

Prince Georges County which has real-estate that is adjacent to the District of Columbia, Montgomery Maryland, Ann Arundel County Maryland and Alexandria Virginia is the location for the largest African American Middle Class in the United States. It also has a very large amount of real-estate properties that are defaulted or in foreclosure. The housing market in Prince Georges County is positioned to be highly active with many government programs that can help home buyer with down payment money .during 2012.

HB 1309 – Mold Remediation Services which require that any one who is paid to remove, sanitize, clean or treat mold be license require $1,000,000.00 insurance for the Mold Remediation Companies

HB 449 – Live Near Your Work Program by assisting with low interest loans, down payment and closing cost assistance. For real-estate.

HB 1155 – Attachment of Security Deposits may not occur by creditors of landlord and tenant.

HB 1620 – Surety Bonds in Lieu of Security Deposits with the support of both the tenant and landlord instead of the security deposit for rents. Other wise security deposit.

SB 339 – Termination of Lease – Limited Liability for Rent after tenant vacates lease because of medical condition.

HB 452 – Landlord and Tenant – Summary Ejection – Deceased Tenant , allows land lord to take possession of rental property when tenant has died with out next of kin.

HB 231 – Rental Assistance Program, establishing rent limits not exceeding 30%.

HB 331/SB143 – Electronic Recording Pilot Program, electronic filing of deeds and other instruments required to be recorded.

HB 287 – Appointment of Receiver for Condos and HOA Law, Court to appoint receiver of council of unit owners of unit owners or homeowners association because of poor decision making because of quorums.

HB 183 – Attorney General Empowered to Enforce HOA Law, must forward legislation regulating homeowners association to the Attorney General .

HB 1316/SB 762 – Records Retention is required for 5 years and property managers and licensee are required to keep electronic copy.

HB 56 – Privacy of Social Security Numbers which prohibits its publications and they can not be put on membership cards or transmitted over the internet unless encryptic.

HB 208/SB194 - Private information protection by any business that is destroying personal information by taking reasonable steps.

HB 117/SB 52 – Security Freeze on Private Information such as consumer reports such as credit or criminal.

HB 285 – Homeowner’s Insurance Inquiries which prevents insurance companies from cancelling insurance because of inquiries.

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