Propaganda as a Tool

The perception and the use of propaganda by Politicians and Government Officials are excessive and in disbelief by many because of the of the total acceptance of non-decision making.

Non-decision making is major discord that exist between the at large population and until we are able to challenge any one who threatens to diminish our first amendment rights we will not be able to modernize and change society’s constraints. How do we go about achieving a balanced strategic management of society when some of our institutions are biased or full with propaganda and think the means is justified by the end result? We as a people and individuals limit our selves by our value judgments through our institutions of power.

If the focus of the conversation is government then the view of the discussion is directly or indirectly about the power structure or how it is being propagated to manipulate constituents and voter to act a certain way. However, it is the other face of power that is used in a way that manipulates the opposition or supporters. We understand when force, influence, authority or power is used, but many don’t comprehend the other face of power which is non-decision making.

A very good example of non-decision making (other face of power) is when President Obama was campaigning to be President and many in the Black and African American community refuse to make any demands because they thought it would hurt his chance of being elected. Other Blacks would say we cannot say anything because Obama had to get the White vote. Blacks sacrificed their political capital and sold out for one individual to become the first Black President.

Politicians and Journalists must become very candid and honest about ideas. If the ideas are swayed towards democratic, republican, conservative, liberal, socialist or capitalists points of view just say so. We must end presenting propaganda about ideas.

Our institutions must have the ability to transcend elitist control of society. Those elites either on the capitalist side or socialist’s side must be limited to one vote and those politicians campaigning or running for office donations must be limited to one dollar. The media and the politicians have made a joke to the word objectivity because the owners that pay their salaries don’t make as much money being non-biased and it is improbable that control and power evolve out of being objective.

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