Probationary Period

The most vulnerable point of an employee’s employment is what is called a probationary period.

Virtually all organizations public and private have that functional category. It is applied from the lowest paid employee to the highest paid employee. The only difference is the severance pay. Generally if the lowest paid is dismissed or fired during the initial time of employment there is mostly not any severance, but in regards to the highest paid the out come is completely the opposite sometimes.

When an employee is dismissed unsatisfactory under the probationary period, the supervisor or the authorizing employee could be dismissed or fired almost with out cause. The employee that is taking the adverse action to a large extent does not in many cases provide justification or need any.

If the employer has to provide any justification then it is usually based on some thing similar to the following: performance; productivity; attitude; enthusiasm; punctuality or other work standards and institutional goals.

Just about all employees that are residents and citizens of the U.S. have been orientated to this treatment of new employees. It comes close to being universal where as it is comprehended or functions as an institutional value. However in most situations where it is applied the differences are when it is high echelon employees, because they generally are paid their severance. The following is a good policy statement:

Where as all new employees and current employees that have transferred or been promoted to a new job for an initial introductory point of time hereto referred to as being on probation. Probationary employees are all new employees who have worked for the organization for not more than 90 days. All former employees who have been rehired employees who have been working full time for a period of not more than 90 days and any employees whose initial 90 days and probation has been extended by their supervisor from one to three months of probation in order to achieve satisfactory job performance. Home Page