Pledge of Allegiance as a central Strategy

The pledge of allegiance while I was in grade school and until graduation from High School was mandatory.

Both praying and citing the pledge of allegiance were principals components of believers strategic management. The statement of support for our country made us stronger then because it gave body to our character it was a statement of support and love for country. New citizens have to cite it in order to receive their citizenship. I know various groups in American history have influenced the voting majorities to either ignore or harm other minority groups in this Country, but that is know excuse to disrespect your home. I think that the inability of our country to influenced it citizens to think highly of the statements of support and love for country is a national security issue.

I accept the court ruling about praying in school along with the discrimination of other religions but the real winners of those legal rulings were people who may not have any citizenship or religious beliefs, however we have schools through out America that are not enforcing any statements of support and love for country and that is there strategy. While in school students cite pledge of allegiance for country, will probably be your more respectful students, if it is done on a voluntarily basis. However it should be enforced on a mandatory basis. If administered correctly it will instill more character and honesty with in the students. It should be mandatory for all teachers to participate in the in citing a statement of support and love for country. I even think that a proportion of all student attendance while citing any statement of support and love for country should be conducted during general student body attendances. America’s last opportunity to instill love for country is the schools and we should not forget that there are among us who want want to kill love for county.

New citizens have more love for America than existing citizens and that should not be. We should all love our home land equally and the percentage that don’t love America weakens the country. Our goal should be to be united as one. Students receiving diplomas and degrees who are US students should be allowed to cite statements of support and love for country and the pledge of allegiance is a tool to operationally define our strategic management goals. The one element that is amazingly absent from a large percentage of graduations in this country is the national anthem and pledge-of-allegiance.

At one time in this country the voting block was mainly property owners and they were not the majority of citizens in this country. There has never been a history in this country were all stratum were completely equal and the most important priority is to determine who among will become equal. Allowing citizens the right not to cite a statement of support and love is empty and bogus. Making it mandatory for them to say it will only make them stronger and the priority should be put aside for other stratum that are being discriminated against. It seems to me the identification of the harmed stratum come from the power elite instead of the harmed stratum.

I think that it is a matter of national security for all of our students through out grade schools and if we had to conduct a draft into the military in this country because of national security we will fail in larger terms more than what we experience during the Viet Nam War. Our students should be taught the statements of support and love for country and with that they will become better and more loyal citizens:

I pledge-of-allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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