Strategic Management Like a Planner of Community Organizations

I say like a planner, the strategic management or knowledge of doing is essential when opposition is dominant and the goal is to change the attitudes toward support because of a health problem that requires action.

Many operational components defines the installation and decentralization of community organization, which shows a process of disseminating information and showing power relationships. I along with key leaders of a community administered and organized a certain neighborhood with in the Ward 7 part of the District of Columbia and found that there are certain principles that key community organizers must follow. Also it is imperative that the community organizer or community organizers have the support of the political establishment and some of the neighborhood leaders. If the problem solver involves a public agency, at least the planner should be implanted in the agency.

The Community organizers must be impeccably honest or perceived in that manner. If the implanted person is very competent with the decision making that government officials may play to distract, then that person must be adapt at sitting idle in the office without any administrative direction, but once they think you have the community ready to agree with the proposed change, the decision makers of the agency will be in attendance. The Community Organizers presence is only required at internal meetings and community meetings. However there are some of things that a Planner or Community organizers must formulate in the process:
Formulate a voter identification system
Scripts for conversation with constituents in person
Scripts for conversation with constituents on phone
Scripts for content on email
Establishing Community Meeting dates
Consulting with all community leaders to determine main event determine approval of community organization

The most important variable that an activists for community change should have is strong observation skills. Part of it is cognitive skills and the other part is experience from attending many meetings and understanding the various biases of many constituents and citizens.

There will always be surprises. I remember a critical meeting that I along with some residents in Ward 7 and ADASA Officials expected that a decision should be made about the decentralization of the drug treatment modality into a Ward 7 facility, but at this meeting there were in attendance Muslim female community activists who never been in attendance before. They had a very large group. My attendance mostly was one of providing technical know how and keeping the bureaucrats in line, but at this meeting it was imperative for me to speak to persuade the opposition to become more supportive and the only way that was obtainable because of previous work with some of their leaders who trusted my ideas. That evening the support for the decentralization plan was signed off and given to ADASA.

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