Mandatory physical

All employers should have a policy regarding any required physical, medical, examination. First priority is to make certain that all prospective employees are fit to work with out any known diseases.

However the employer should have a responsibility for safe working environment of the work place and it also should have a responsibility to the general public such as a drug free work place which may require urine test. The employer should be concerned from its perspective because a healthy employee is a more productive employee.

The place of employment should be safe in a manner that is health wise for all employees. If the employer does not provide that type of environment the company is liable. Even if a infected employee make contact with the general public and cause harm the employer is possible liable.

Therefore any company that does not have or implement policies regarding medical examinations can lose money during certain type of litigations. Also international applicants will have different type of medical and health standards and it would be necessary to bring those type of applicants into compliance.

The statement below is a insert that can be included in your personnel manual regarding healthy work environment.

Employment Medical Examination will not conduct any pre-employment medical inquiries or examinations as prt of the application process. However, offers of employment will be contingent upon submission of a satisfactory medical statement. Before starting, each staff member shall submit a medical statement from a licensed doctor or an authorized health professional under the supervision of a doctor to the Department of Human Resources Services. The statement must be submitted at the time of initial hiring and annually thereafter as required by regulatory agencies. The medical statement shall be in written form, which the form being obtained from the Human Resources Office.

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