Outside Employment

Outside employment is functionally an activity that is best subjectively and objectively monitored. The monitoring to a large extent is apparent to the employee when the other employer is in conflict with the subsequent employer.

For instance if any one is employed similar public and private businesses such as nursing agencies, computer software companies, computer hardware companies, universities or military contractors. Businesses and public organizations that are very competitive, the other employment can be used as a method to collect information in a manner of corporate or public espionage or spying. The second job or moon lighting is not always about making some extra income.

Enterprises must make a decision whether they will allow their employees to obtain other work or hold other jobs, subject to certain restrictions as outlined below. However, it should also decide whether any employee should be allowed to undertake any other employment or work activities in the same manner that Universities review sabbatical requests from its Professor. It also should be decided whether activities away from the job not compromise the enterprise. Strategic management to guide companies or governments away spying should be based upon the following policy orientation.

Prior to requesting permission to seek or accept other employment, any employee is cautioned to consider carefully the demands that such additional employment will create. Any employment that is secondary of the enterprises duties and responsibilities will not be accepted as an excuse for poor job performance, absenteeism, tardiness, leaving early, refusal to travel, or refusal to work overtime or different hours. If any of the above contribute to poor work performance, then any other employment should be terminated.

All requests for other employment and even self employment should be formal requests to the enterprise HR Department. All such request should state the following: name and address of outside employer; the nature of the job; and the hours of employment. The decision should be communicated to the requestor by the Administrator, Supervisor or HR Administrator. Home Page

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