Mitt Romney for President of The USA

Mitt Romney as candidate for President of the United States should look at governance being between Leadership and Politics in the USA which ought to be the choice that everyone that is put in position of oversight must make.

I think that we as voting citizens of the USA must look hard to find a person that has transcended many of the difficulties of being in charge in order to transform themselves in to an ideal leader.

There have been very few Leaders at the height of the President of the United States that has achieved that accomplishment in contemporary terms because representation involves a much larger body of citizens.

Our Politicians are put in the position of leadership only to speak patriotic about the United States but when addressing all of the country verse only those who voted verse those who could vote.

If we would evaluate them in contemporary standards it would be hard to identify one good leader in the USA.

Mitt Romney as Politicians is to campaign to persuading citizens to vote for a particular person.

Ideally, the biggest problem with all campaigns that have evolved in the USA is directly related to who is allowed to vote.

We have never had an election where every person who is defined as a citizen in accord to the United Nations is allowed to vote.

Another problem is the allowable donation of money to be used in a political campaign.

The other problem is to have a media that objectively evaluate a campaign instead of being co opted by a partisan support or support for a particular person.

Mandatory debates between candidates should be an absolute requirement and not be manipulated by any of the candidates.

I think that every USA citizen should be required to step into the voting booth but if they decide not to vote then that is acceptable but if they don’t show up to vote then that should be a violation of the law punishable equivalent to a felony.

I also think that 99% of all Politicians are corrupt and it should be a continuous process of investigating all elected officials and candidates for an elected position.

Every election should be treated as and opportunity by citizens to find the most exceptional representation we have ever achieved in the Office of the President of the USA.

I hopefully pray that one of the candidates for President is purely honest and Mitt Romney have that opportunity to present to all of the voting citizens his profound honesty.

The above is how I am going to evaluate the choices between candidates for the President of the USA.

I am approaching the real world based upon what is to be my philosophical beliefs of social reality.

Many of my ideas are ideals that need to be debated but there are parts of the USA constitution that even the Supreme Court refuses to debate even though it is clearly stated in the constitution.

I don’t think that race should inter into the evaluation at all and if it does the individual making that decision should back away from it quickly.

I am not only look at what impress me about Barack Obama the Democratic Party Candidate and Mitt Romney the Republican Party Candidate but I will evaluate the independents also, whoever they might be beginning with the basics.

Every USA citizen that is a registered voter will be making a decision on whom to vote for in the United States presidential election of 2012 to be held on Tuesday November 6 2012.

Mitt Romney who is one of the candidates to be President as a Republican was borne March 12, 1947.

He was raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

He earned a BA Degree in English from Brigham Young University in 1971.

He earned a joint Jurist Doctor and a Master in Business Administration from Harvard University as a Baker Scholar in 1975.

He was the 70th Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007.

He had an executive position at Bain and Company and he led them out of financial crisis around and about 1984. Around and about 1999 he was hired as President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2001 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

So far Mitt Romney strategic management plan to be elected as President is the same as Former President Clinton “The, economy stupid” which was phrased by James Carville.

I will evaluate all the candidates for President based upon the above as the campaign evolve.