Mission are the details and Strategic Management is how it should be accomplished

The mission are the details in regard to what a enterprise is legally required to accomplish. It is the organizations goal. It also the vision and plan for the business or government entity. It is the top of the pyramid.

Many government and private agencies are studied based upon the hr-and-mission statement. For instance the statement which is based upon providing assisted care to patients should have a statement similar to the following:

Statement defining all of their clients, employees, investors, etc. towards their statement that is similar to the following:
Statement of ________is to provide comprehensive care to all of our________.

The statement should define it officials and workers conduct, High ethical conduct, loyalty, professionalism, efficiency, and personalized services

As an example the statement should quantify the employees jobs such as: There are details expected of each person assigned to provide care and services to our ________. Also it should address required training such as Proficiency is maintained by continuous in-service training programs and individual self-improvement efforts. To accomplish our goal, it is necessary to meet or exceed the objective listed below:

1. The________shall receive individualized care in a safe environment to meet the total therapeutic needs—physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, social, economic, and rehabilitative-as diagnosed through service assessments.
2. The_______shall be provided with an effective program that includes guidance and assistance in assessing medical resources and community agencies to contribute support to his or her total needs.
3. The________ shall be benefited from effective communication, cooperation, and coordination with all professional and administrative services involved in the planning of total resident care.
4. The________ shall be benefited from staff who received continuous training, adapted to orientation, skill training, adapted to orientation, skill training, continuing education, and leadership developments.
5. The________ shall be benefited from employees who received supervised on the job training aimed toward acquiring proficiency in their designated jobs and to develop their skills for optimum effectiveness.
6. The _________ shall be benefited from close supervision and performance evaluation that , provides to all direct and service personnel.

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