Military Leave

Military Leave may be taken in accordance with the Universal Military Training and Service Act of June 1951, the Reserve Forces Act and other applicable Federal Statutes after the employee has completed ninety (90) days of service.

Leave of absence without pay will grant to all employees (except temporary) who enter military service for active duty as a result of the following:

Initial enlistment in the Armed Service of the United States;

Initial training period of the National Guard or Reserves;

Being ordered to active military service as a member of the Reserves or National Guard for an indefinite period or for a training period up to ten (10) working days;

Any service requirements under the Selective Service Act;

Vacation may be taken concurrently with military-leave of absence but not consecutively with this type of leave.

If vacation days are taken concurrently, the employee will be paid base salary for the number of vacation days used.

Employees should notify their supervisor as soon as the date of active duty service is known. Additionally, a copy of official orders to Active Duty must be submitted to the employee’s supervisor and forwarded to the Department of Human Resources for retention in the employee’s records along with a signed leave request form.

Military-Leave is necessary in order to protect the national interest of the United States Government. How can a citizen be willing to serve his Country when the individual does not have certain protection with their employer? The military-employee status as an employee should not jeopardize any of his work rights because he wants serve his country. If you do not protect employee rights when they are in the military the employer can possible make the participation of the employee in the military a political question.

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