Michael Jackson

I think Michael Jackson would be the best case study on strategic management and it affects on decision making that Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, Jackson’s, Jackson Family, Michael’s Family, Motown Records and Berry Gordy, other record labels made.

Michael Jackson, Jackson 5 or the Jackson’s is a phenomenon and like Ale Sharp ton said he directly influenced the election of the first African American President of the United States of America. The Jackson Five to the Jackson and then Michael Jackson extended from the 1964 to present. He should be evaluated in terms of being a very successful businessman even with his psychological problems. I think a small part of America is still mourning his death because a very large percentage of us gave him a license to transcend all our values or no values.

When their family was young, their climb to greatness was the decisions that the Father And Mother Josepth Walter and Katherine Esther Jackson made. Even though the credit is given to Motown as though the Jackson and Michael Jackson were their creation but they were the creation of Mom and Dad. The father forced them to make sacrifices early in their lives which may be why he is presented as the bad apple, but strategically if many of the decisions that he made concerning the performances and music that America has grown to enjoy and see probably would not evolve. Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 has become a fixture on our entire psychic and even though they were a truly Black family but they became an American Commodity that transcended all races and that is what Ale Sharp ton made reference in creating the first African American President. They all became Corporate America and because of this strong interest in their personal lives they have become a soap opera in the sense of the need by many through out the world to know about their life style.

The good side of Michael is that he became what every child and adult wanted to be through out the world and the bad side is that he became involve in scandals that every decent world citizen saw as disgusting. Even though good and bad side of his productions, but the good continued to out weigh the bad. It is too bad that he did not get the opportunity to produce another production because it would have demonstrated the outcome of a performer in a race to win in beating his demons to the finish line.

While the story about how Michael Jackson’s Doctor Dr. Conrad Murray administered him with drugs that he should not have been taking. The biggest question is whether there was something that we as the world could have done to help our fallen star. Los Angeles is putting Dr. Murray on trial but should the world court be putting all of his fans on trial because they did not insist that Michael get treatment. It was the propaganda that prevented our involvement, we wanted to feel happy, and because he made us good and we did not want to offend him. Can you imagine what his family is going through in wondering what they could have done to prevent his death? We all are going the same metamorphosis and some what blaming ourselves.

This is my version of sympathy card to Michael’s family in telling them that all of your thoughts are my thoughts. I was not a real big fan but he affected me as much as his biggest fan. I request that the world through this grievance process of loving Michael that you post at least one page of content, sympathy cards on my website and suggest through strategic thinking how you going to transcend your demons, live and be successful. I think that such communication is an ideal step towards avoid self destruction. Read about Michael and his families greatness. Home Page beliefs

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