Poem About Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream

Dr. Martin Luther King represents change that occurred because he advocated non-violent change. Don’t forget the march on Washington DC was arranged because unrest in the central cities was becoming the test made in the USA like it was in America. America chose to be immoral because slavery was so profitable and change was ripe during the 1950s or 1960s because money to be made in USA’s American central cities was so profitable. King influenced America to make changes in areas not strange to the White Majority.

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The realestate was defined as defacto segregation. Even though facts were presented through fear among the White Community, block busting was mainly ripping White America families off while denying African Americans a slice of the American pie. Buying your own home in the USA is the Ultimate beam in the American Dream for families and individuals. We must not forget many in America the focus is to be pre-USA. Block Busting worked by scaring White America because of their racism that a neighbor who is moving next to you have faces different than you so you must sell your house for pennies in order to run, then the house is sold to Black African Americans for a whole lot of money, what a con. Don’t forget the winners of racism are a very few even though it’s sinners are many.

Dr. Martin Luther King vision was to march against American old culture that saved it beliefs that it was morally right to enslave any man. He through acts of bravery showed the citizens of the USA that the opponents of Justice who were red neck White people were not only hurting African Americans but they were inserting the honest among themselves as the villains and victims. Dr. Martin Luther King’s main focus was through personal sacrifice the opponents of racism can reshape the face of the USA. As a result of the successful ending of the 1956 bus boycott he proved that change could occur peacefully, but the Detroit Riot of 1960 cause red neck White America to fuss with the USA citizens about possibility of race riots. King marched in many civil rights demonstrations with the goal of starching out any violence because the goal was non-violence. He was incarcerated as a right to protest any as a fight against any immoral act which he did not tolerate as a matter of principle sights.

Dr. Martin Luther King was not only surrendering poor and uneducated African Americans but he was defending many Whites that were being ripped off through Block Busting and made immoral because of their hatred of African Americans. During his life time he influence and brought about change such as Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. This bill was signed by President Lyndon B Johnson which marked the changing of the guard with mainly Democratic Politicians voted in opposition while Republicans were in support.

Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party should be eliminated because if not for their opposition to justice and change but their moral conscience would have been made honest and complete if they stood as Politicians as individuals which as history shows was advocated by the first slave owning President. Political peer pressure should be ended by steering the Citizens of the USA to be against Partisan Politics. The blood has been steered by all political parties in the USA and some of the joiners and fans don’t even hear when the Republicans try to jear their Democratic opponents by reminding them that you founded and created the Klu Klux Klan. The Klu Klux Klan alone murdered and dismembered many African Americans and Whites.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s father was a Republican and some say that the Son was the same. Many Republicans and Democrats have voted for and against Civil Rights Laws

such as John F Kennedy when he was a Senator opposing President Eisenhower’s proposed Civil Right Laws. Dr. Martin Luther King sat at a cross roads where White America still feared the possible consequences of a Neo Nat Turner movement and that choice was the basis of his power base.