Connecticut Lottery Law

Connecticut is one of the 43 lottery States of the USA that provide gambling that are government operated. Connecticut is one of the States that the contradiction between gambling being lawful or illegal is blended into practice. If government allows and sanctions gambling casinos it should operate some to raise money to upgrade the real estate listings for the poor.  Take for instance that there are only 2 legal casinos operated in the Connecticut and they are not operated by the government. The two Casinos are operated by the Reservations in Connecticut. The law that govern the lottery is such as:

"Sec. 12-568a. Regulation of state lottery. The Division of Special Revenue shall adopt regulations, in accordance with chapter 54, for the purpose of assuring the integrity of the state, concerning the regulation of the state lottery under the operation and management of the Connecticut Corporation. Such regulations shall include: (1) The licensing of employees of the Connecticut Corporation and any person or business organization awarded the primary contract by said corporation to provide facilities, components, goods or services which are necessary for the operation of the activities authorized by chapter 229a; (2) the approval of procedures of the corporation; (3) the time period for complying with the regulations governing said approval of procedures; (4) offerings of games; (5) minimum prize payouts and payments; (6) regulation of sales agents including qualifications for licensure and license suspension and revocation; (7) assurance of the integrity of the state lottery including the computer gaming system, computer internal control and system testing; and (8) limitations on advertising and marketing content to assure public information as to the odds of winning the lottery and the prohibition of sales of tickets to minors.

(P.A. 96-212, S. 23, 32; P.A. 97-277, S. 8, 13.)

History: P.A. 96-212 effective July 1, 1996; P.A. 97-277 inserted phrase "for the purpose of assuring the integrity of the state lottery", substituted phrase "shall include" for "may include but need not be limited to", divided provisions into Subdivs., adding new language re regulation of Connecticut Corporation as Subdivs. (1) to (3), and removed provision in newly designated Subdiv. (6) re sales, effective June 26, 1997.

See chapter 229a (Sec. 12-800 et seq.) re the Connecticut Lottery Corporation."