Arkansas Lottery

Arkansas is the only State lottery that all of the profits go towards educational scholarships and I think that it is good that every penny goes to education, but it would be nice if a few dollars went towards real estate listings for the homeless.

Little do people know and holler that Harvard, Yale and Columbia were built off of lotteries which are a good thing. The Italians have the reputation for beginning gambling in the USA, but that is not true and the amputation of that ideal should reveal who are supporting the money games that people play. Its illegal which is the reference that most people sound about deciding whether to support but don’t forget that one of the reasons for the American Revolution was the British Crown putting limits on lotteries and Gambling. Politics cover up the relics and master manipulators concerning gambling, casino and lotteries.

Almost every State that promises if the Lottery or casino is legalize then there will be more money for education of the kids, but few can show how much money was spent on education because the money was put in the general fund and that is like putting it in a black hole.

It would even be a plus if the money went towards holding taxes down, but if it is true it is only a few. Arkansas put all of the money aside for scholarships and even the non-traditional student. They are publicly worshiping not only the elite but the little guy by also focusing on the non traditional students with special emphasis on the state’s graduates of public and private high schools along with former military but not to exclude students who graduated from high schools out side of the State.

Some of the most Prestigious Universities and Colleges were built with gambling or lottery money.

We should not be quick to condemn gambling when much of the USA has transcended their financial limitations goals with the assistance from revenues of gambling. Even in Italy it was the Government that was operating the lottery, not any organized crime family. Also the first casinos were built in China but it seems that the Italians and the Chinese were historically competing, because it is said that it was not the Italians that invented pasta or the noodle because it was the Chinese.

In many instances it was the Italians that initially came to America in bigger numbers and because they were Europeans they were better accepted culturally.

Even though the Chinese had ideas about gambling because their experience is much deeper, their impact on the USA was limited because they were not accepted like the Italians ethnicity.

Arkansas have given out thousands of scholarships. It would be interresting to find out how the Lottery law will uplift the young in there pursuits of careers and higher education. I think that it will be a motivator for many students to do well in schools. It is my prediction that the Lottery in Arkansas will influence other states to make similar commitments of their young populations. As far as the strategic management plan it is my hypothesis that many Politicians made gambling illegal only for their friends and supporters to have a monopoly on making the gambling money.