Florida Lottery

Lottery has been legal in Florida for about 24 years. The contradictrion about gambling exist in Florida also because it is alright for the state to sanction gambling but it is illegal for individuals to do the same thing. I guess it is alright for the government to sell what is classified as illegal drugs virs individuals. Most people who oppose the sell of gambling or drugs do it on a moral basis and because government is the agent does not make it less immoral.  When government is involve it some times is left to a politician sometimes who is faithless to make decisions about regualating morality and other issues such as whether a surplus of real estate listings are acceptable or not when there is a growing homless population.  However the summary of the law about Florida Lottery is the following:

"[1] Section 15(a), Art. X, State Const., provides that "[l]otteries may be operated by the state."

[2] Section 24.103(6), F.S., defines "[r]etailer" as "a person who sells tickets on behalf of the department pursuant to a contract."

[3] Section 24.117(1), F.S., provides that any person who knowingly "[s]ells a state ticket when not authorized by the department [of lottery] or this act to engage in such sale" is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

[4] See, e.g., s. 24.115(1)(b), F.S., which states that no prize shall be paid to any person under the age of 18 years unless the winning ticket was lawfully purchased and made a gift to the minor.

[5] Compare, Sheppard v. Revlon, Inc., 267 So.2d 662 (3 D.C.A. Fla., 1972), where with the purchase of a certain quantity of goods, an additional item was given to the purchaser, the additional item was held to be part of the "sale" within the meaning of s. 672.106, F.S., and not a "gift." However, the offer in that case was made in 1968, prior to the enactment of the Florida Free Gift Advertising Law, s. 817.415, F.S., which authorizes use of gifts in the promotion of trade.

[6] Section 817.415, F.S.

[7] Section 817.415(1)(c), F.S.

(c) It is not the intent of the Legislature to prohibit the use of gifts in legitimate promotions of trade so long as the advertising of such gifts and promotions makes full disclosure of any requirement for purchase or contractual obligations to be assumed in order to qualify for the gift."