Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a strategic management phenomenon. Everything she has accomplished career wise have been planned out thoroughly. It is almost irrelevant whether you like or dislike her, she has impacted your psychic if you interact on the internet, cable TV, TV, cell phone, etc. She is a product of her father and her peer Parish Hilton. Both Parish Hilton and Kim Kardashian have taken publicity stunts to a new manifestation.

I think that Kim is so phenomenal that her strategic management approaches probably will impact how movie stars, models and entertainment stars are developed. She is a model, actress and businesswoman. Her accomplishments basically began with the distribution of her sex tape with singer Ray J. It essentially was a tape of them having sex. She sued vivid entertainment for distributing it and she dropped the suit and made a settlement of 5 million dollars. She was signed sealed and delivered as a result of the sex tape.

I theorized that she was close enough to her father, as he marketed his career in law and especially celebrity status that he received when he defended OJ Simpson she probably was a good student. Children whose points of references grows when they see success as it surrounds their family becomes good students of success and emanate what they perceive from a social reality point of view. I think that Kim Kardashian success didn’t happen by chance, either her or someone she trust planned each event that elevated her celebrity. The planned success that she realized prior to 2007 was limited to third party success of her Father and her peer Parish Hilton.

Publicity stunts that are well implemented become omnipresent. Even if you dislike it, your awareness of it and if the out come is greatly desired then the publicity stunt develops a bigger and larger fan base. Look at the facts she has modeling contracts, acting contracts and businesses she owns as a result of putting a very good strategic management plan in place. She has been paid to perform on TV shows and Movies. She own business interest in clothing and jewelry stores. The success that she realized has impacted her entire family including the Brother and Sisters and along with the Mother and Father. She owns her own reality show and the entire family starred in Keeping up with the Kardashians. It seems like Dancing with the Stars is a haven for her and other family members. She began was acclaimed an actress in her first TV series Beyond the Break. She has been a guest star on many TV programs. Just think about Kim Kardashian accomplishments being based upon publicity stunts that she got paid very well. Home Page