Job is Essential for a Good Strategic Management Background

The depicted job is something that contemporary managers with a strategic management background and worker take for granted, but there was a time when supervisors and managers would change an employee work position with out justification or putting category such as h without any meaning.

There was a time when supervisors would literally change an employee’s office to the rest room as occurred with the Daley political machine or can you imagine the sexual harassment that occurred regarding female employees. Out of fairness and good strategy properly describing job details had to be formulated in order to create fairness. Also how can you evaluate performance without any preconceived standards or performance goals? There is a contract that evolves out of any job interview when the job vacancy is properly presented to any prospective job seeker. Another reason that standards is imperative is related to advertising.

Can you imagine that you are hired by hr to be the duty station clerk and all of a sudden you are given another job completely opposite of the job you was hired to perform. You was hired as an electrician and transferred to be an addiction abuse counselor or a trainer and transferred to perform as a chauffer for the President. However sometime the cause of the misuse of improperly describing the details of the job is not completely the supervisors fault because a new hired employee may need a certain salary and the only way the employee can be hired at the higher salary is to hire the employee into another position that pay at the higher salary, For example the employee is functioning as a chauffer but his job title is a program analyst that pays a higher salary over the chauffer’s designated salary.

Misuse of improperly describing actual job details is directly related to wrongful termination in many cases that go to court and it is very difficult to terminate an employee for something that is not properly described their job. Especially poor job evaluations when an employee is being graded for work that is not in his or hers proper description of details in job descriptions even if the employee is detailed to another position. Most of the disagreement begins with the interview and why the employee was initially hired, that psychological contract that the employee and employer has is manifested in the details of the job. Can you imagine any corporation or government agency advertising a position with out any written job description? So you can see how improperly describing job details is the basis of the employee employer relationship and the policy or written rules about it should be similar to the following:

Written and proper Description of job details is required for each position at that identifies work requirements as well as the educational and work experience needed to qualify. Each employee will receive the job for the position to which he/she is assigned. Copies of all details of job will be on file in the employee’s personnel records. If the employee’s hr-and-job is or becomes inaccurate or incomplete, the employee should advise his/her supervisor or the

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