The Senior level Managers must have strategic management ideas about immigration laws because in United States economy there is a very large number of illegal aliens. Some employers coordinate an effort to assure that immigrants have proper housing through continuously evaluating real estate listings

The fines that are associated with hiring illegal aliens are very prohibitive. The probability of an employment prospect in large central cities and standard metropolitan statistical areas are very high especially with private businesses. Also because we are engage in two wars and there are illegal aliens in the United States Military the probability around a military base is very high also.

According to the US Immigration Services the fines associated with violating laws are related to the work permits maximums from $5000.00 to $20,000. One can possible be imprisoned for up to one year.

It is not just the location of large military bases where employers must develop strategic management ideas. Also other locations where employers must of concern in areas that hire workers in mass or temporary employment, Managers in these areas must have strategy and hr ideas.

Every employer or or hr agency should have certain language in their personnel files such as the following regarding possible hiring of people from other countries:

Immigration Reform and Control Act It is the policy of Company’s Name that procedures for hiring practices be in compliance with requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (the Act). The Act requires employers to insure that all of their newly hired employees are permitted to work in the United States. The Act specifically provides: a prohibition against knowingly hiring unauthorized aliens; a detailed procedure to verify the employment authorization of all newly hired employees; and a prohibition against discrimination on the basis of national origin or citizenship status.

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