Immigration Laws

If the US Congress and White House create, legislation that immigration laws for US Visas for purchasing houses for sale would extend the United State middle class dominance in consumption and could deplete all foreclosure inventories. There is more real estate for sale for the Middle Class than any where in the world and it can be seen among the real estate listings.

The educational system in this country caters to the upper-class more in this country than any where. If you are Middle Class in this Country you are less harassed by the police or other higher authorities. Most people that are coming into the United States with out paper work are the lower strata of the respective Countries they are leaving. America is more uniquely qualified to sell its culture to the world by changing its immigration laws for a US Visa.

Currently in the world the US has the largest middle class in the entire world. Because of political and social freedoms 99% of the United States Middle Class lives in such a manner those citizens in other countries envy. The housing stock in the United States is 130.2 million and 67.2 is home ownership and these statistics are as current as 2005 which appears to mean that there is greater flexibility for housing for rent. That is one of the largest and third to India and China. Since 2006 with the sub-prime and financial crisis the numbers for home ownership have shrunk. Based upon a study, 44% percent of US citizens live neighborhoods that were classified as middle class, down from 65% in 1970. It also means that there is an inventory of a large amount available real estate or homes for any incoming population of Immigrants by changing immigration laws for US Visas for real estate.

There is one aspect of the real estate bubble that has shifted on a global scale that uniquely qualifies the United States more so than any other Country in the world and it equally make sense why the financial market used the unqualified market in the United States to build and sale homes beyond its national capacity. The domestic economy within the United States have developed consumption world wide that ranks number one in the world, but because of the growth of China’s middle class it is potentially challenging to become the largest consumption rate in the world. If world dominance is going to continue with in the United States it have to market its social cultural ways of economic dominance related to achieved political individual freedoms and with this marketing the more successful of the middle class in the world will choose to relocate to the United States by changing immigration laws.

There are certain individual freedoms in the United States that will not be unsustainable in certain national domestic economies. For instance in China, Google had to pull out because China’s cultural conflicts about interfering in its operations. Individual freedom and privacy as it relate to individual freedom of choice are not sophisticated enough or even exist in certain countries to become a factor. Just imagine certain Countries allowing hip hop to run free with in their cultures. What I see is certain cultural and societal freedoms that exist in the United States becoming an element within the American culture that attracts certain middle class immigrant’s world wide to their chores to participate in their market place and especial if the Unites States Congress Proposed bill and changing immigration laws would give immigrants purchasing US property, US visas.

The manner in which US Visas for real estate purchase will work is based upon any immigrant that purchases a house in the United States will be given a visa by changing immigration laws if it is accord to certain terms. The terms of the purchase agreement must be a real estate sale in the US for $500,000. Also the method of purchase must be cash. Fifty percent of the purchase up to 250,000 must be for the purchase of primary residence and the remaining up to $250,000 can be used to purchase investment properties. The visas would be for 3 years subject to renewal as long as the person still owned real estate in the United States. The property purchasers must live in the property 180 days of the year and when they purchase the property it must be for an amount above the appraise value and they would have to pay US taxes on their foreign income.

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