Holiday Policy

There is no holiday pay law that mandates that employers pay their employee on days off from work. Employers should understand the best way to avoid employees suddenly taking off is to provide them ample amount of time to do such things as searching for real estate listings, etc. It is mainly a matter of each particular business policy whether it will pay its employees on any time off. Also it is a matter of business policy whether it will pay a premium for time worked on scheduled days off. For instance some businesses pay employee extra money to work on certain days off such as double time to work.

Eligible employee will be given a day off with pay for certain calendar days and observances. The company observes a certain number of scheduled days per year (please consult your budget or your net and gross profit statement). Certain scheduled days off for which employees may receive pay should be stated such as the following which is normal: New Year’s Day Martin Luther King’s Birthday Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day Personal Day Off

Employees working less than thirty (32) hours per week are considered part-time employees are not eligible to receive pay for scheduled days off. Temporary employees, employees with less than ninety (90) days of service, and employees on leave of absence are not eligible to receive pay for certain calendar day observances.

If a non-salaried employee works a scheduled days off, he/she will receive double time pay if it’s the employer’s policy. To receive holiday pay, an eligible employee must be at work, or on an authorized absence, on the work days immediately preceding and immediately following the day on which the day off is observed. If an employee is absent on one or both of these days because of an illness or injury, the employer reserves the right to verify the reason for the absence before approving pay for time off.

Personal holidays are only granted to full-time employees after one (1) year of service. Approval must be recommended by Human Resources Department.

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