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President George Bush has received some unfair knocks. Even though it is some what forgotten, his election to the White House the first time around was enhanced by the Supreme Court deciding to intervene in a state matter... It can be shown that his biggest problem was that he tried to please both the conservatives and the liberals. Also the Iraqi war probably created more opponents on both sides of the isle eventually.

President George Bush biggest accomplishment was the growth of home ownership in the African American Community during his two terms of office with increased real estate listings. If the financial crisis was created by his administration it provided the biggest opportunity for the election of the first African American President, Barek Obama.

Bush is also admired for the compassionate leadership that was perceived by many after the 9/11 invasion into the United States by terrorists.

The State if Florida proposed a recount of the 2000 election between George W Bush and Vice President Al Gore. However the U.S. Supreme Court intervened and stopped the re-count which effectively awarded George Bush the majority of the votes in the Electoral College. The controversy in the recount concerned 175,037 of the 6,000,000 which the machines did not count which the Florida Supreme Court ordered a recount of the ballots in question.

The total amount of tax cuts under the Presidents first term of office was 574 Billion Dollars. George Bush’s administration also was among the fewest of Republican Administrations that eliminated Democratic programs. It seems in a strange way that Bush’s administration was in both the conservative and the liberal camps. It may be said that he had two masters.

The Iraqi war eventually offended many in the Democratic Party but at least they voted for it, but less can be said for the current Presidents war that ended in Libya. Ninety Nine Percent of Politicians are the same, they are either corrupt or they are some big manipulators with a passion and thirst for power. Change did not occur with the changing of guard from Bush’s Administration to Obama’s Administration. President Obama who ran for the Office of the Presidency with the premise to end War in Iraqi and he had many believing that he was opposed to fighting wars in principle. I think that the war that was fought in Libya contradict that belief.

Bush’s compassionate leadership during 9/11 probably at one time achieved one of the highest approval ratings for any President. How can so many major domestic, electoral and military occurrences occur under one administration and the country find a way to continue to work together in peace towards the betterment of all US citizens.

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