Future and Strategic Management

The future is tied directly to the changing nature of technology such as facebook twitter, and google and how we do our work. Theoretically and factually because of the ever changing computer and internet age, various countries through out the world are going to begin to undertake new levels of change and when the at large population desires a products like facebook, twitter and google which will require increase training.

Our tomorrow is driven by the motor of familiarity. It is strange but as we become increasing aware of each other we become more predictable of each other. If we have malice intents then we become more harmful of each other. Our tomorrows is safer on personal scale and a micro scale when it is less predicable but commerce is greater when we are more knowledgeable of commodities and able to communicate with each other about the knowledge.

Many of the existing spatial configurations are going to force government to be more productive in cooperation with the new technologies. The Magnitude plus the quality and quantity of future urban and metropolitan areas are evolving out of a need to expand their transportation capacity as you can see in many blogs. Many environmentalists, liberals and conservatives in politics are going to be forced into many new relationships which they don't have any strategic management backgrounds but in order to save the economy the workplace is going to be located in employees homes and real estate listings.

The physical designs of urban areas are going to be premised upon a new transformation of residential areas. Many of the existing economic structures are going to be collapsed into new forms or complete elimination. The contemporary spatial structures are going to be forced to change in order to avoid the diminishing financial returns that are tied to its formulation. The sectors of the American economy that will change marginally will mainly be entertainment, education, church and government. Change will primarily be in Corporate America.

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