FOIA Enhances Strategic Management

FOIA with a Strategic Management background provides insight and investigative tools in public relations and administration about big brother unless you're a private organization like facebook and other web sites in the United States (united states) of America (america). One who is search for real estate listings should not forget about the use of FOIA when confronted with the Federal Government.

The Freedom Of Information Act is one of the best laws that evolved out of the Watergate era, which enhances the strategic management of any investigative activity. It provides access to government public information. It also Provide a strategy to protect to certain decision makers. Along with providing a process, the Act brought about change in preventing public officials from denying access to public information with out merit because certain policies and procedures must be followed even in hr matters. Officials must follow certain guidelines in charging the public for duplication. All decisions involving the Freedom of Information Act must make decisions with in a certain time span. Every agency with in the Federal Government are required to have a Freedom of Information Act office. All of the offices are mandated to report to Congress annually. It is very easy to make a Freedom of Information request.

The Act can be uses as a power move to bring about change or fairness. For instance if a citizen observe that certain public officials are making decisions based upon certain favoritism one can use the Freedom of Information Act to ascertain the information about how the decision was made.

Let me become more specific in regard to placement of a student in a magnet school which is a school that has enhance curriculum and teachers that will provide teaching advantages to advanced students.

Let say that one of the variables that determine placement into a magnet school is a random selection of students and placing them in a certain order and based upon information gathered informally parents are aware of the placement of certain students and some students are chosen out of order which mean that there is a possibility of officials making decisions out of favoritism. If it is true all the parent of the student or students have to do is make a FOIA for the order of decision making that prevented your student from being chosen and the random number for the student in front of yours that was promoted. Once they give you the number then the challenge is made to whether it is true. I am willing to predict that before the requested information is given to the parent the affected student will be placed in a magnet school. That is politics, but because of the FOIA you can catch bureaucrats and politicians in lies.

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