Loosing The Faith

It appears that as a Nation we are loosing our Faith. Our forward movement is to be inclusive at the expense of loosing many of our traditions. The pain is epitomizing by those whose families have held many of the beliefs dear to them be eradicated. There are societal organizations and individuals that are doing societal planning with priority given to objectives and goals to change society in directions that the USA Society and community of faith in the past have failed to acknowledge.  Our faith to change and make standards of life more ascertainable such as finding real estate listings problematic as a real result of the sub prime crash and the the recent financial crisis.

Because of popularity the manifestation of changes that are occurring right under our eyes as citizens of the USA are suspect. We would be naïve to think that they are not occurring without any strategic management advocacy. Many of the things that are occurring are being manifested directly at our religious beliefs such as abortion and the institution of marriage.

The USA Constitution is being circumvented because many of the propose changes would not occur if they are interpreted by strict letter of the law. The USA Government supposes to operate according to three branches of Government: Executive, Congress and Judiciary. It appears that the Media a non-governmental part of the American Society has participated along with some element of the upper strata to influence a new strategy through out the USA Society.

The problem is that the upper income and the elite is creating change through the manipulation of government and the American People. Even though the American US Society is very complicated, but when the Media pick and choose who to ignore when observing our American Politicians. It is not just the Media; it is also others who are powerful and influential in the USA Government and American Society. Non-believers and people who do not have any faith are apart of the qualification to be selected in the upper echelons of Corporate America and American Society.

The crime that is being committed is that change is not occurring according to the USA Constitution. We have leaders that are making decisions who are not apart of our social fabric. Also what we see is not what we get in selection of our leaders. There are leaders that are elected who are advocating policy that are dialectically opposed to their surface appearance. It is almost like the KKK Leadership becoming co-opted by an African American and their operating policy does not change. Instead the leaders attacks traditional religion and encourage more abortions in the African American Community.

The American Society has become so complicated that it is very difficult to know who our friends and foes are. We have to observe our presumed friends actions and study them. Based upon our observations studies and arguments we should determine that organizations and individuals are friends or foes. Sometime is not good for there to be unity that is based upon outward appearance especially when certain family ideals are under attack. There are single Mothers that are protesting and inciting School Districts to prevent dances that allow Fathers and Daughters to start off dances because some families don’t have Fathers.

Single parenting has become the goal and any description of Society as two parenting where there is a male and female is not acceptable. If the ideal can not be ascertained by many then it becomes the problem. Soon or later policy is going to presented that prevents Husband and Wives from going to school as a couple to speak to Teachers about their children.

We are falling for the rope a dope. In other words what is being shown does not exist. The discourse in selecting some one for the Supreme Court, normally take the line of Liberal, Conservative, Democrat, Republican or whether the nominee is pro life or pro choice. I guess that whether a nominee supports same sex marriage will become an issue with the next Supreme Court Nominee. However the discussion about the Nominee’s faith and the political organization of his or her Church will and should become paramount.