Employment Application

Employment Application should have paramount importance about record management, access and designed to collect the needed information. Also you should make an evaluation of the logistics regarding the data collecting instrument. If the process of employment regards collecting certain body fluids the interested human should be made aware of any requirements. Also it is legally required by the Department of Labor to specify that you are a equal opportunity employer and that there will be not be any discrimination based upon race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. through out any cities or country boundaries. The employment application can also be designed to collect information pertaining to real estate listings if the employer pays out some form of housing allowance.

Every employer should be organized to store all personnel files received for employment and be prepared to follow Federal Government and State Government laws pertaining to the storage and disposal of all records. Even the employees hired you must follow certain laws in regard to record management along with collecting certain information from immigrants. There are constitutional issues involve regarding the privacy of each human resource and current employees regarding the custodianship of all records. Each occupation requires the collection of certain information to determine qualification such as interprators, nurses, legal, medical, accounting, financial, itt, engineering, education, etc. Most occupations have different certifications and dependent upon the pool of jobs the advertised position descriptions should be designed accordingly.

Dependent upon the enterprise and legal requirement of the enterprise the qualifications of all candidates may be distributed as needed or massively distributed because of the nature of the work place is constant turnover. The instruments to collect all qualifying data may be distributed by mail, office, web site and many other locations. Also each state and Federal Government have requirements regarding signage and proper lanquage that should be presented to the public at the hr office and posted as required. Policies regarding employment should include the following:

Employment Application and Selection is very important reference for hr officials with strategic management backgrounds. Each applicant must complete the company provided Application for employment. All information requested must be supplied. False or incorrect information given by any candidate can be the basis of severe disciplinary action, including termination. The following is a good format to follow for content.

candidates name


Home Phone #

Cell Phone #

Social Security #

No gender, race identification is necessary in employment application


Supervisors Phone #

Contact name or person to contact in the event of an emergency

Attached Resume

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