Employee Definitions

The definitions of employee, employment office, workers, employment, jobs, proletariat and various occupations are many are dependent upon a strategic management about a standard and working policy. The definitions are theoretical and practical from a hr perspective in the private sector and public including military. The definitions should a regular part of any government or private sector blog.

The definitions are political and philosophical based. If one is a liberal or conservative the employee is a worker or laborer, but if one is a socialist then the worker is called a proletariat. The power elite set the tone, they decide what the worker is called. They also decide what issues are discussed and if it is out of their realm they will call the presenters all kind of names to persuade them from participating in any dialogue that they are opposed. The work requirements even include helping employee finding real estate listings in Countries such as Japan, China and its work places.

Government and corporate structures in our country use such terms for worker as laborer, employment and employer in regard to their particular strategy. The Department of Labor regulates employment in the United States through programs such as unemployment compensation. They also regulate the functioning of Unions through out the United States. Obama just recently announced that he is considering holding back on employment hiring.

The smallest element of employment is the job. The job can be blue collar or white collar or even professional. When referring to the professional then the term that is popularly used is occupation such as the medical occupation, entertainment occupation, nursing occupation, service oriented occupation, industrial occupation, advertising occupation, financial occupation, engineering occupation, computer occupation, administrative occupations, criminal justice occupation, counseling occupation, social work occupation, legal occupation, marketing occupation, educational occupation, military etc.

The following are terms that demarcate worker definitions:

1. Employment date
2. Full Time worker
3. Part Time worker
4. Casual worker
5. Exempt/Salaried
6. Hourly/Non-Exempt

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