Employee Relations between Employer and Employee

Employer Employee Relations, it is a continuing effort of any employer to develop effective human resources policies and practices which create good relations among employees and management. Some Companies create good relations through helping employees search real estate listings. This is vital to the work environment and the customers. The objective and goal is not only provide such an effective environment, but for the employees and customers to think that the enterprise or business provide equal employment, that the employees see them selves receiving fair compensation and benefits. Along with the parameters of the budget and the profit statement the means such as: reasonable hours of work; compliance with all public laws and offer training opportunities for all employees to upgrade them selves through training opportunities.

There is an employee relations equilibrium between employee and management that must be adhered to such as:

To give a productive day’s work;

To maintain good attendance and begin work on time;

To demonstrate a considerate, friendly, and constructive attitude toward fellow employees, supervisors, and clients;

To adhere to the policies adopted by the employer;

Managers has the authority to select, assign, supervise,discipline, and terminate employees at its discretion;

To determine and change starting times, quitting and shifts;

To enforce discipline, termination, and work at its discretion;

To transfer employee within departments or into other departments and other classifications;

To determine and change the size of and qualification of the workforce;

To establish, change, and abolish its policies, practices, rules and regulations without prior notice;

To determine and change methods by which its operations are executed; and

To assign duties to employees in accordance with the facilities needs and requirements and to carry out all ordinary administrative and management functions

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