Employee Performance or Conduct

Employee performance or conduct is an issue to ensure that certain rules and regulations regarding employee behavior are implemented in order to guarantee the efficient operation of the Company or enterprise for the benefit and safety of all employees. All employees expected at all times to perform or have conduct that is in a positive manner so as to promote the best interest of the company or enterprise. Employee performance or conduct that interferes with operations, discredits the company, or is offensive to customers or fellow employees will not be tolerated even if the locational source of the harassment is external to the Company as on a cell while the employee is doing activities that are unconnected such as evaluating real estate listings.

The following performance is prohibited and will subject the individual involved to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

1. Reporting to work under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs and narcotics and the use, sale, dispensing, or illegal drugs and narcotics on Company premises.

2. The use of profanity or abusive language.

3. The possession of firearms or other weapons on Company property.

4. Insubordination or the refusal by an employee to follow management’s instruction concerning a job-related matter.

5. Fighting or assault on a fellow employee or client.

6. Theft destruction, defacement or misuse of Company property or of another employee’s property.

7. Gambling on Company Property.

8. Falsifying or altering Company record or report, such as an application for employment a medical report, a production record, a time record, an expense account, an absentee report, or shipping and receiving records.

9. Threatening or intimidating management, supervisors security guards, or fellow workers.

10. Smoking if prohibited by local ordinance or Company rules.

11. Horseplay, pranks, or practical jokes.

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