Discrimination as a key term problems with equal employment should structure goals and objectives to accomplish Equal Employment Opportunity strategies and should be operating style of all CEOs. It has been and shall continue to be the policy of most contemporary companies to provide equal employment opportunity to all people regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, physical handicap, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, all family responsibilities, matriculation, or political affiliation.

Also encourages all employees to refer qualified minority groups/persons to the company when openings arise to work against equal opportunity. This shall prevail in all decisions involving an employee’s compensation, terms and conditions of employment, promotional opportunities, privileges of employment and other amenities such as real estate listings If any employee believes that he/she has observed or treated along the line of discriminated, the employee should be provided the education to report the matter to the Human Resources Officer in english or any other language.

All companies should stay with in the frame work of equal employment opportunity goals to avoid costly court cases and negative morale among the employees. If all employees believe that they fairly receive promotions, pay increases, office space, time off, opportunities, participation in company events, etc. then the work place would be a level playing field at least in the minds of the employees. However not just the United States, but the world should take the posture and principled opposition to slavery because similarly employment discrimination is just through exploitation coming in from the back door. The world should be in total opposition to slavery of children that are 12 year of age and younger in African Countries. I think that our computer industry come at a big price, over half of the world are selling out our good principles of humanity for the computer technology. In regards to Urbanization technology has advanced man kind by allowing humans to live longer and richer live but we are coming to a cross road. I think that every citizen of the world should at least read up and study dictionaries and other references about slavery to keep our souls.

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