Evolution of a Casino in The USA

The first Casino was operated in China around and about 2300 BC.

A casino is an Italian word and it was not the term that was used during 1630 in Venice Italy.

It was called a Ridotto. They were called Saloons in early USA. They were primarily in cities such as San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago and St Louis in early USA. The Saloons were places that singles could go to meet people and play gambling games. They were made illegal during the early 20th

Century they became outlawed around about the same time that there was a liberal movement to outlaw political machines in local, State Governments and Federal Government in the USA.

Many of the legal gambling in the USA are located in the following States: Las Vegas Nevada, Atlantic City New Jersey, Chicago Illinois, Connecticut, Detroit Michigan, St. Louis Missouri, Tunica Resorts and Biloxi Mississippi, Shreveport and New Orleans Louisiana, Reno Nevada, Dover Delaware, Perryville and Ann Arundel MD, Charles Town West Virginia

Government has always had a hand towards influencing gambling growth in the United States.

As a result of Federal and local laws many gambling operations were either legal or illegal. Casinos or Saloon existed one way or another. The North East States created support for laws against any gambling during the 20th century which created demand for illegal gambling. The moral arguments are presented but the main questions that drive the push for legal or illegal gambling is directly related to politics. For instance during the Mid-19th century period there was hostility towards gambling that created an impetus to push gamblers onto riverboats which had casinos. Also the development of the railroads across the Mississippi decreased the demand for river boat travel which also was influenced by Government policy making.

There was not any competition from Government to in the USA between the years of 1894 – 1964 and this created a ripe environment for illegal gambling.

Missouri, Delaware and Kentucky Governments operated the numbers game in 1860.

The biggest advantage of playing the Government Numbers Games is because it is not against the law.

However the Government participation ownership has not eliminated the corruption and exploitation of the bettors because in the USA there is a history that goes far back as the 13 colonies which was used to raise revenue for Universities, secondary schools, real estate listings and the British Crown.

It also was apart of the tensions that lead to the American Revolution