Broker Price Opinion, BPO is a acronym for Broker Price Opinion which enhances the strategic management acumen for a financial company and value of all real estate listings in mris, face book and other websites. It is a determination by real estate or a qualified individual to determine the value of property owned by a family or the value of the school in that neighborhood. Banks, lending institutions, mortgage companies and other financial companies hire contractors who advertised on google, face book to to evaluate real estate properties in terms of value for their strategic management. The general term for the companies are Asset Management Companies.

Real Estate Agents assess values of real estate with CMA which is acronym for Comparative Market Analysis and equal to Broker Price Opinion.

There are programs that allow Buyers to purchase with out any down payment money and pay sellers money if your house is under water.

Please find the following quick study terms that will help you in providing the proper language to do Broker Price Opinion in a manner to sway or influence the Asset Management Companies:

1. Improvements,
2. Legal description,
3. Business Cycles,
4. Comparative Real Estate Approach,
5. Neighborhood influences,
6. Neighborhood life cycle,
7. Arms Length transactions,
8. Substitution,
9. Land value,
10. Buyer’s market,
11. Seller’s market,
12. Fiscal policy,
13. Absorption analysis,
14. Market desegregations,
15. Market Segmentation,
16. Equal Credit Opportunity Act,
17. Federal Fair Housing Act,
18. Fannie Mae, etc.

They pay fees over $40.00 per Broker Price Opinion dependent upon how well you negotiate each contract. You have to provide them copies of your real estate or appraisal license along with a filled out 1099. The 1099 form will be provided by the Asset Management Company in most cases.

However please find a copy of the following 1099.

Please find a sample narrative of the business letter that you should submit to the Asset Management Company.

Many companies are selling Asset Management list between $75.00 per 100 List. I am going to provide for free to you a list of over 100 Asset Management Companies that is being integrated into this website .

Please find your free Broker Price Opinion Companies or Asset Management Companies below (Broker Price Opinion):

Asset Link http://www.servicelinkfnf.com/page/partnerSupplierInfo/partnerSupplierInfo.html

Asset One Marketing Group http://www.assetonemg.com/Website/VendorRegistration.htm

Asset Valuation and Marketing, Inc. https://www.assetval.com/NVR/RealtorProfileControls/r_pg_RealtorRegister.aspx

Assign REO http://assignreo.com/index.php?option=com_sobi2&sobi2Task=addNew&Itemid =81

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