Bill Clinton

I have a prediction involving Bill Clinton and it is about a possible planned scenarios of staff changes made in response to this November’s mid term election’s resultants if the Republicans becomes the majority party in both or one of the chambers of Congress. The changes that I predict are dependent upon Vice President resigning his job and Secretary of State being nominated by the President to be Vice President. This change will be a package Joe Bidden will become the next Secretary of State but the shocker will be the decision to bring Bill Clinton back ,because of his strategic management background in working with Republicans, into the White House to be Obama’s Chief of Staff.

I know the above prediction did not come about even though the Republicans became the majority party in the House and almost at 50% in the Senate. It is apparent that the political attitudes behind the scenes probably change things such as the former President becoming sick and had to reconsider or the Secretary of State deciding that she does not ever want to become President because based upon their analysis she could not ever get enough votes for the democratic nomination. They may think that Vice President Biden has a better shot at being nominated.

Also President Obama will make an announcement about his decision to seek re-election but he will never state the obvious which is that the decision will be contingent upon the success of improving his polling numbers in certain demographic groups such as White voters. It is certain that President Obama will seek reelection until the 24th hour because of the possible amount of fund raising he shall achieved which is not directly related to whether he is electable as President in the general race.

I think that we can not ignore how the the former President actions to be the bag man for the White House and apologists for Senator James Byrd. The Former President is valuable because his experience of being the only living President that experienced the opposition party becoming the majority party. Also there is some value in the public at-large reacting to the Former President and his Wife along with the immigration issue.

The same sex marriage issue is becoming bigger than the immigration issue and the lacked of real estate listings for the poor and the homeless.

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