Facts and Beliefs Goals as Strategic Management

As in facebook, beliefs along with social, economic, and political structures can have a non-transparent way of confounding many segments of society from those who may be agitating and creating social realty for a particular agenda with a strategic management background as models. The social fabric of a city or agriculture community, especially when a particular social stratum tends to dominate another stratum, is subtly manipulated by political and other leaders while they attempt to persuade the citizens or voters at large. It is imperative that objectivity of the three branches of government and the media should become a constant through out the states and federal government, but how do you achieve that with the current political environment because those who are in power benefits from the current two party system strategy.

Even though in America we are governed and practice religion in an environment that dictates the separation of religion and government but it still does not matter because ones belief and facts especially in a dictionary continually transcend each other and one of the popular forums is facebook. For instance if a certain segment of society desires a particular type of political candidate or public policy it may compromise to a point of diminishing many of its core ideas in order to bring about the desired result. If one closely examine those types of relationships it becomes obvious that the compromise is manipulative.

Also an example of the political process diminishing America’s values, beliefs and principles of the power of the every day citizen or electorate is because of the desires of the power elite, for example when the District of Columbia ignored the voting rights of citizens and to and developed a strategy to enforced same sex marriage rights in the District of Columbia. As a behavioral scientist I am not picking necessarily who is right, but this is an instance when facts and beliefs transcend one another and because of each is viewed it become extremely difficult to determine right or wrong. When society move in this direction there can be no acceptable conclusion and as a result government power begins to be interpreted as totalitarian if one is conservative as you may view on google.

Another initial condition is the Federal judges ruling in California which dismisses the will or factual basis of the electorate who voted against same sex marriage and the Federal Judge ruled in favor of same sex marriage rights in the State of California. Both instances tell a story about race in the instance that the power elite is resisting a certain stratum of voters to determine the outcome. It is more of a struggle between the power elite and the unknowing African American voter desire to be conservative on this issue. The power elite feel crossed because of their perceived rules of engagement because of democratic pluralism. It is not irrelevant in regard to this particular social or legal issue about same sex marriage that the District of Columbia is 55% African American or the historic African American voter turn out in California during the Obama general election that voted against proposition 8 in larger numbers. This is not a conflict between the Homosexual Community and the African American Community, the conflict evolves out of the power elite’s strategic management of achieving a certain desired result. I honestly believed that if proposition 8 was defeated by the majority of white voters there would not have been even a strategic management plan for the District of Columbia regarding same sex marriage.

The will of the people can not be wrong and if they desire to increase such things as real estate listings, how can it be unconstitutional to be pro or con to same sex marriage when Homosexuals are not a defined status group in any of the Civil Rights Laws.

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