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The Media and President Barack Obama is more concern with the status quo and it seems recently the media is more concern about a particular politician’s personal life instead of focusing on the economy and other more important issues. Even with the beginning of the United States I am not aware of the Media or Newspapers investigating moral character of the Presidents between George Washington and little after President Lincoln that owned slaves. The Gag Rule that Congress enforced did not prevent the Media from talking about slavery or did it.

Even the contemporary Presidents and including the First African American President are not even shaking up the status quo about slavery in Africa, especially the Congo that does have direct affects on United States industries.

I think that the media should be forced by President Barack Obama to create as much passion in being objective instead of the passion they demonstrate when creating scandal about certain politicians that are not breaking the laws such as what was targeted against Herman Cain, the resigned Republican Presidential candidate. The Politicol on 10/11 reported that Cain had been accused by two women of sexual harassment and subsequent to their story two additional women came forth. Also the story about another woman reporting a thirteen year affair with Cain is probably what precipitated his decision to suspend his campaign. It appears that the media has powers to conduct a witch hunt with out any repercussions.

He was not convicted of the crime and he should have received the same amount of reservation and composure that the media strategically demonstrated towards Bill Clinton about Paula Jones sexual harassment case that was taken to court during his first term of being President. He has had multiple allegations of sexual misconduct throughout his public life, but the media chose to be mum about it while he was campaigning. The decision to ignore other candidates when you suspect controversy surrounding them is the crime. This country and President Barack Obama must get a firm control some of the information that is disseminated by the media.

However there is a thing as too much composure in regard to how the media strategically ignore certain politicians and aggressively condemn others. Our current President Barack Obama have not even made his academic transcripts, coursework available for public consumption and he has sealed them so the public will be unable investigate and evaluate them. I am astonished that the national media is ignoring the issue multiple social security numbers when they justify their assault on Herman Cain based upon the veracity of his statements. How come the same type of reasoning is not being applied to Barack Obama or is it former President Richard Nixon reasoning; the President can not break the law.

The new front runner Newt Gingrich in the Republican campaign to select a nominee has confessed to his womanizing and infidelity towards his former wife. If a politician seasons their crime and immorality which was confessed to be true, he or she will become a stronger candidate if Newt Gingrich is the model. I think that the media while criticizing Herman Cain, they intentionally did not do sufficient cross referencing of the current front runners history. While he was Speaker of the House eighty four ethics violations were filed against him. He have been married before which ended because of infidelity because extramarital relationships.

I think that there probably should be a community advisory board that can certify fines against the medial when their views become extreme. The media have been co-opted by the power elite too long. Change in American Society historically only come when the power elite demands change and I think that the power elite are so aloof and such a partner of the crimes that any change caused by them is violent and divisive. I think that the media has too much power in deciding who to criticize and ignore. The real issue is the harm in regard to the lack of real estate listings for the poor and the homeless.

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