President Barack Obama Explanation of Supreme Court Ruling about Healtcare

President Barack Obama became President of the United States based upon the experience he acquired in campaigning and become President of the USA.

Leadership or Politics in the USA is the choice that everyone that is put in position of oversight must make.

It is not for me to make the determination that an individual is a leader or Politician, but many voters are not aware that they should avoid a person claiming to be a politician just like they should avoid someone claiming to be a salesman.

I think that we must look hard to find a person that has transcended many of the difficulties of being in charge in order to transform themselves in to an ideal leader.

There have been very few Leaders at the height of the President of the United States that has achieved that accomplishment and we should evaluate President Barack Obama on such criterion and determine whether he tried to be a Politician or a Leader.

Our Politicians are put in the position of leadership they attempt to become patriotic about the USA. If we would evaluate them it would be hard to identify one good leader in the USA. The Politicians campaign central to persuading citizens to vote for a particular person.

The biggest problem with all campaigns that have evolved in the USA is directly related to who is allowed to vote.

We have never had an election where every person who is defined as a citizen in accord to the United Nations is allowed to vote. Another problem that exist is the allowable donation of money to be used in a political campaign.

The other problem in the USA is the media's lack of objectively when evaluating any political campaign.

Mandatory debates between candidates should be an absolute requirement and not be manipulated by any of the candidates or the Media. I think that every USA citizen should be required to step into the voting booth and if they decide not to vote then that is acceptable but if they don’t show up to vote then that should be a violation of the law and punishment equivalent to a felony.

The above is how I am going to evaluate the choices between candidates for the President of the USA.

I don’t think that race should inter into the evaluation at all and if it does the individual making that decision should back away from it quickly.

I am not only looking at what impress me about Barack Obama the Democratic Party Candidate and Mitt Romney the Republican Party Candidate but I will evaluate the independents also, whoever they might be beginning with the basics.

Every USA citizen that is a registered voter will be making a decision on whom to vote for in the United States presidential election of 2012 to be held on Tuesday November 6 2012.

President Barack Obama was elected to be President of the United States and the central question is whether he managed the USA economy effectively and especially the role that he played internationally in the last three years supposedly as a World Leader.

The President Barack Obama was born August 4 1961 and he was born in Honolulu Hawaii.

He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Columbia University. He was a Community Organizer before graduating from Harvard’s Law School. He was a State Senator for three terms 1997 to 2004. He became a US Senator November 2004 and was inaugurated as the 44th President January 20th 2009. He was named 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate nine months after becoming President of the USA.

President Barack Obama made a statement on 6/28/12 in response to the Supreme Court’s 5 to 4 ruling about the Affordable Care Act.

He did not address the parts of the ruling that declared the Act as unconstitutional and the definition of the penalty as being a tax. His argument is that even though the law was divisive the Country should move forward and he highlighted what he thought was the positive parts of the law such as the following:

Avoids Americans from losing health insurance because of financial calamities; 250 million Americans because of the law have health insurance that is more secure and affordable; Insurance Companies can no longer impose life line limits; no longer impose limits on coverage to children with preexisting conditions; no longer drop coverage if you get sick; no longer can increase premiums with out reason; as a result of the law free preventive care like check-ups and mammograms; 13 million people by this August you will receive a rebate because of administrative savings; children up to 26 years old are allowed to stay on parents health insurance plans; 5 million seniors will saved 600 each on prescriptions; 30 million citizens who don’t have health insurance and their coverage will be dependent upon the States and he will ask Congress to pass laws that are more flexible.

My only argument against Obama Care it that that this Country had so many other problems that are far worse than the our health care and one of them is employment combined with income.  If we guarantee employment and income above poverty the American Consumer will be able to by health care and real estate listings.