CEO and hr professionals’ work plan must allow them to be cognizant of how attendance concerns the strategic management approach about employees being present. Employees who are tracked efficiently are probably employed owners of new and old technology companies like facebook. Many existing problems concerning the above can be resolved from a social or business and opm perspective. Social type remedies consist of changing behavior of workers or the decision makers. Business or classical type solutions consist of applying organizational roles and regulations to correct or terminate workers that don’t conform to organizational prerogatives.

Also the type of work environment is very important in terms of any punitive actions to correct dysfunctional behavior that is related to the manifested problems such as attendance even though their are justifiable reasons related to employee's children and sickness like breast cancer. Chain structured or adaptive structured organizations will determine the severity. Chain structured are similar to the assemble lines that produce automobiles in massive numbers and the adaptive structured are similar to the Green Beret special detail in the Army that is trained to change as the situation present challenges if it is military combat to governing a local jurisdiction to provide greater real estate listings.

Every policy maker or owner from a hr or opm perspective should have the following type language along with their hr rules and regulations: Attendance and Punctuality Company name encourages each of it’s employee to establish and practice habits of good attendance and punctuality. Any prudent person should recognize that circumstances beyond any employees control may cause absences tardiness problems for part of a day or whole day. However, unauthorized and/or persistent absence or tardiness will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action.

Employees are required to give as much advance notice as possible to allow a replacement to be scheduled. All calls must be placed to his/her supervisor or designee at least two hours prior to the employee’s scheduled work time. Employees in no instant should place the call later than the regularly scheduled time of their tour of duty.

An employee’s failure to notify the supervisor of any anticipated absence or delay in reporting for work will result in loss compensation during the absence and may be grounds for disciplinary action.

An employee must be at his/her work station at the starting time and at the prescribed time after each break.

Employees who are delayed in reporting for work more than thirty minutes who have not notified their supervisor of their expected tardiness may lose their right to work the balance of the work day.

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